MCHS Christmas Show 2017

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The Performing Arts Institute is an innovative and creative program that encourages students to cultivate their artistic abilities. Since its inception in 1997, students have been immersed in arts instruction during the school day allowing them to develop their talents and improve their skills as performers. We remain proud of the fact that we are the first Catholic High School in the area to offer such a program.

The Institute offers students the opportunity to study in four major areas: Theater, Dance, Band, and Voice. These courses are incorporated into the student’s daily schedule and include participation in various performances throughout the year. Each concentration is designed to increase a student’s appreciation and experience in the art form. Our ultimate goal is to graduate well-rounded, gifted artists, capable of adapting to the varied demands of a career in the performing arts. Many of our performing arts students continue studies of their art form in college with aspirations of a future in film, television, radio, and Broadway.

Upon acceptance to Moore Catholic High School, all students are eligible to audition for the Performing Arts Institute. Students with a varied theatrical background need only to audition in the area of greatest strength; however, students can audition for more than one major.

For further details please contact the Director of Performing Arts at: (718) 761- 9200 ext 125.

Program Details

High school involvement in the Performing Arts provides students with the opportunity to articulate ideas, strengthen critical thinking, and build socialization skills. The Performing Arts allows students to share ideas in a safe and supportive environment while teaching them to work with their peers. The program will provide students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to promote a lifelong learning of the arts.

Each area of concentration has its own curriculum, which include the following:

  • Theater: Improvisation, Scene Study, Theater History, Playwriting, Directing, Musical Theater, Set Design, Costume Design, Stage Makeup, and Audition Techniques
  • Dance: Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tap, Musical Theater, Dance Vocabulary, Dance History, and Choreography
  • Band: Music Theory, Sight-reading, Music History, Repertoire, Accompaniment Skills, Solo and Group Performing
  • Voice: Vocal Styling, Breath Control, Music Theory, Sight-reading, Harmonic Techniques, Music History, and Vocal Exercises

All Performing Arts Students are required to participate in several performances which include:

  • Christmas Show
  • Spring Musical
  • Student Cabaret
  • Performing Arts Showcase
  • Spring Concert
  • Dance Recital