Campus Ministry and Service

Campus Ministry

The embodiment of a Catholic education is the quiet presence of Christ in the classroom, during activities, and in the daily routine of the students.  This quiet presence is central to the mission of our school.

According to our Mission Statement, “Our hope is to develop in students their physical, moral and intellectual talents…” Placing the development of moral talents before the intellectual highlights our desire to place Christ’s quiet presence at the center our student’s moral development; He will be their moral compass. Campus Ministry places Christ at the center of our student’s lives through the following religious programs:

Community Action Program

Belief in Christ is exemplified by our actions in our communities. Our students are encouraged to be a visible sign of Christ’s love not only in the school building or because of their uniform, but out in the world performing charitable works. School support for various charities is encouraged.  Many clubs and teams perform community service; our Gianellian Youth Group visits nursing homes for the aged on Saturdays. An intense Community volunteer program is embedded into the religion curriculum for Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior years.

  • Freshmen are committed to 20 hours of service to their school charitable causes
  • Sophomores are committed to 20 hours of service to their families
  • Juniors are committed to 30 hours of service to community not-for-profit organizations

In addition, Bishop Ahern High School which serves developmentally challenged teens resides on our campus. Our students volunteer as assistants to these students every mornings. Many of our students volunteer for the READ Alliance. program.   Moore students serve as reading mentors for students in public schools on the island.

Mavericks loading donations for Project Hospitality. Community Service part of our Mission, brought to life by our students.


Prayer is an integral tool in the development of a moral person. It provides time for self-reflection, thought, and examination of conscious. The moral development of a person is enhanced and enlightened when given opportunities for prayer. Moore students get to experience daily school-wide morning prayer and daily prayer in all subject classes. They constantly are aware of the presence of the Lord.  Our new Chapel is the perfect place for prayer and silent reflection and our students are encouraged to visit anytime.


Our Lady of Pity Church, adjacent to Moore Catholic, is where our school masses and prayer services are held. Masses occur at the beginning of the school year, at the end of Retreat week, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holy Days of Obligation and at the End of the School year. Other services such as Stations of the Cross, Ash Wednesday, Junior Ring Ceremony, and Seniors Liturgy are enjoyed at OLOP.


Moore Catholic has embraced the Archdiocesan sanctioned retreat program – Generation Life. These talented and spiritually uplifting Catholic young adults spend one week with our students in their regularly scheduled religion classes and provide insight into the stressful issues facing our teenagers today. Their message of hope and love provides a Christ centered and age appropriate experience for our students.