Countess Moore Pot of Gold

With an abundance of caution, and given some recent health news, we have decided to postpone our Mega Reunion until next year–2022.

That’s when we know we will truly be able to put the “fun in fundraising” for the new Countess Moore HS Scholarship–replete with foul shot contest, cheerleading by our award-winning teams from yesteryear and a stirring, nostalgic tribute to the glorious musicals that were performed while we were at Countess Moore, by cast member alums and current-day students.
And, if you think about it, in many ways 2022 will be an even more fitting setting for our Mega Reunion since 2022 will mark the 60th Anniversary of when Countess Moore began–or our Diamond Jubilee. And, let’s face it, everyone knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

While you are busy processing the news that 2022 will now be the year of the Mega Reunion we also have some great news to offer–we still have Countess Moore Pot of Gold tickets available awaiting your purchase of a winning ticket!

So now, in the spirit of paying it forward–which we know is what Countess Moore grads are all about–and getting the ball rolling in a truly significant way for our Countess Moore HS Scholarship Fund, we’d love, love, love it if you would take $100 from the money you were squirreling away for our Mega Reunion and instead click on the link below and buy a Pot of Gold ticket for a chance to win $10,000 or other cash prizes–in the knowledge that there will only be 300 tickets sold for the Countess Moore Pot of Gold!
Just a quick refresher on what the Countess Moore Pot of Gold is all about:

*300 tickets priced at $100 each will be sold for the raffle.

*There is no limit on how many tickets an individual can purchase. 

*Don’t worry your friends and family who didn’t attend Moore are still eligible to buy a ticket.

*The top prize is $10,000 while the second-place winner will receive $2500 with $1000 going to the holder of the third-place ticket.

*In the highly unlikely event that fewer than 300 tickets are sold, the monetary awards will be adjusted accordingly.

*Raffle winners will be announced on September 26th–the original date selected for our Mega Reunion.

Simply click the link (below) to purchase a raffle ticket(s). You will be directed to a Google Form, after you fill out your information you will get the link to make your purchase by credit card or PayPal account. After you purchase it, your ticket(s) will be mailed to the address you indicate on the form by a representative of MCHS.

Countess Moore Pot of Gold Form