Academic Programs and Curriculum

Moore Catholic’s students must complete the course of study proscribed by New York State Board of Regents and endorsed by The Archdiocese of New York.Moore Catholic High School’s curriculum supports the Common Core’s emphasis of critical thinking, reading, and writing across academic disciplines. To develop well-rounded students we integrate fine and performing arts. The technology program readies students to thrive in a digital environment, prepare for college-level research, and express themselves through multi-media presentations.  Central to Moore’s mission is the belief that talented educators who are experts their disciplines will create courses to engage students, integrate technology, and provide enrichment activities to accommodate students’ various learning styles. 

Academic Programs:

Moore Catholic offers a college preparatory course of study for all students. All of our programs allow the students to earn a New York State Regents diploma. The students in the Presentation Scholars Academy are required to receive an Advanced Regents diploma. All students have the opportunity to receive the Advanced Regents diploma.

Presentation Scholars Academy

Challenge, Rigor, and Self-Directed Learning; these are the hallmarks of Moore Catholic High School’s Presentation Scholars Academy for our most academically talented candidates.

Named in honor of the Presentation Sisters who served as the original teaching staff at Moore, the Presentation Scholars Academy is designed to support the growth and development of outstanding students in a rigorous, intellectually challenging environment.

Several courses have accelerated Regents examination schedules. All course material mandated by the New York State Board of Regents is strictly followed. Academic excursions are designed to enrich the curriculum. Small class size allows for increased individual attention. Teachers collaborate daily to present common themes across the curriculum.

The program is dedicated to developing strong character, a commitment to social justice, and a spiritual and ethical foundation that will guide its graduates’ decisions throughout their lives.

Honors Program

The goal of the Honors Program is to provide a liberal arts education that will challenge students, prepare them for competitive colleges, and develop the skills they will need to become leaders of the society in which they will work and live.

Students are selected for honors courses based on the results of our own interdisciplinary examination. Some students may achieve an excellent score in math and/or English and will be placed in honors classes in one or both of those subjects. Those students will also be placed in biology. Students also have the opportunity as freshmen to take Level II of a world language if they show proficiency on a departmental examination. The Honors Program is designed to challenge and motivate students who have strength in specific academic areas.

The Honors Program provides students with the opportunity to advance in their particular areas of expertise and to remain in the college preparatory curriculum for other courses. Most Honors students are active in extracurricular endeavors. These includes participation in sports, student government, and service activities, as well as the Institute of Performing Arts.

Honors courses offer advanced and challenging educational opportunities to students who are self-motivated and capable of academic excellence. The program develops critical thinking and problem solving skills. Modern techniques of research and hands-on activities are also used to enrich the curriculum.

In the Honors Program students receive access to computer and science labs, and an accelerated curriculum led by prestigious faculty members committed to the ideals of the program and the success of each individual student. We are confident in the ability of the Honors Program to foster motivation and discipline leading to personal and intellectual growth, to instill a sense of deep obligation to self and society, to provide a genuine commitment to responsible living and to meet the needs of all honor students.

Individualized Programming

Moore Catholic has established a program for freshmen students who require differentiated learning experiences, specifically in the subjects of English and Mathematics. The design of the curriculum and class structure revolves around small class size, with a plan for each student which intensively focuses on areas where students require the greatest attention. Ultimately, these students will be prepared to take the Integrated Algebra Regents in June and are expected to pursue the standard Common Core and Regents-based curricula, with the same opportunities for college credit courses as all other students.  


This service is provided by the Board of Education for students with an IEP. We have formed a partnership with Early Intervention, LLC for SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services). These services are provided before class Period A (7:30 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.), during the school day, and  after school hours.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses are offered in biology, English literature and composition, European history, American history, world history, calculus and physics. Seniors who register for Advanced Placement courses are required to take the A.P. examinations, thus qualifying for college credit.

Qualified students may take advanced courses at Moore for both high school and college credit. Credit is granted by St. John’s University and most credits are transferable. Courses in English, history, introduction to college mathematics, calculus, science, religion, and criminal justice are available and taught by Moore faculty members who have adjunct status with St. John’s University.