Department of Science

The science curriculum at Moore Catholic High School is based on New York State Regents requirements and is strictly a college preparatory program. All students are required to take three years of science and a fourth year elective is strongly advised. Students in the Presentation Scholars Academy are required to take four years of science.  Our state of the art laboratories provide wonderful hands on experience necessary for the understanding and appreciation of science. Students meet their state mandated laboratory requirements in a modern setting with the latest in laboratory equipment.

Presentation Scholars Academy:

Freshmen – Biology (Living Environment) (R)
Sophomores – Chemistry(R)
Juniors – Physics (R)
Seniors – St. John’s University Chemistry*

Advanced Regents:

Freshmen – Biology (Living Environment) (R)
Sophomores – Chemistry (R) or Earth Science (R)
Juniors – Physics (R) or Chemistry (R) or Physical Science/Astronomy
Senior Electives – St. John’s University Chemistry*, Anatomy of Forensics, Immunology & Infectious Diseases

All students are capable of receiving Advanced Regents status in science with a 65 on two science regents.  Students who enter Moore Catholic as freshmen with an 80 or better on the Living Environment Regents will be place in the next course level. Students enrolled in St. John’s University Chemistry will receive 10 college credits upon completion of the course.