The Michael P. Travers Memorial Library

The Michael P. Travers Library is home to more than 6,000 books.  The library is a warm, welcoming environment where students gather to read, study, and research.  

The library serves to foster traditional literacy skills and strengthen digital literacy skills by providing students with books, ebooks, reference materials, and related media.  It provides the school community with materials that support the curriculum and enrichment needs of our academic courses.  Materials and books reflect our rich literary history, and diverse society encouraging students to explore a variety of literary traditions.  The library seeks to instill in students a genuine interest in and an ability to conduct research, foster an aesthetic appreciation of literature and the arts, and encourage an intrinsic love of reading.

The library program is designed to help students become both comfortable and effective in the use of libraries and knowledgeable in the areas of research, scholarship and academic integrity.  It teaches students to be critical users of information in a digital age.  In the library students enjoy reading for pleasure and scholarship while developing critical thinking and reasoning skills.

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